CKR Visiting Fellows 2009

CKR Visiting Professors 2009

Cho, Seog Yeon (조석연), Professor, Korean Music, College of Art, Chonbuk University,
A Study on the Transmission Process and Development Aspects of Korean Traditional Musical Instrument

Kang, Sook Hi (강숙희), Assoc. Professor, Department of Teaching Profession, Catholic University of Korea,
Reconsidering the Role of the Centre for Teaching and Learning at a University

Kim, Si Wuel (김시월), Professor, Department of Consumer Information Science, Konkuk University,
Consumer Education Plan for Multiple Cultural Families; Focus on Canadian Support System of Multiple Cultural Familes

Kim, Young Soo (김영수), Professor, Department of Sociology, Sogang University,
Comparative Studies on the Institutionalization of World Culture

Ko, Geel Hwan (고길환), Assoc. Professor, Department of English and American Literature, Uiduk University,
Translation of “I AM YOU”

Lee, Kyumin (이규민), Assoc. Professor, Department of Fine Arts Education, Seoul National University of Education,
A Study on Expression Techniques of the Korean Contemporary Sculpture

Lee, Sang Jin (이상진), Professor, Department of Korean Language & Literature, Korea National Open University,
A Study on the humor (or laughter) manifested in the modern Korean narrative and a Study on Japan, Japanese and Japanese discourse in Toji from a postcolonial perspective Website:

Rhyu, Sang-young (류상영), Assoc. Professor, Graduate School of International Studies, Yonsei University,
Ten Years after Recovery: Economic Crisis, Political Change, and the Transformation of the Developmental State in Korea


CKR Visiting Scholars 2009

Chun, Se Ik (천세익), Senior Curator, Manager of Journalist Training Team of Korea Press Foundation,
Newsrooms’ Desirable Change in the Web 2.0 Age

Kim Ka Hee (김가희), Journalist, Yonhap News Agency,
A Study on the Possibility of the Korean Pop Culture that Swept Asia Spreading to North America Website: