CKR Research

The 2024 CKR Graduate Student Research Award

The UBC Centre for Korean Research is pleased to announce the opening of the 2024 CKR Graduate Student Research Award application process. This year we will have a rolling applications process and will accept applications until 15 April 2024 for travel-related archival research or for advanced language training at Sungkyunkwan University (Inter-University Center for Korean Language Studies, SKKU IUC). Applicants may apply either for money to conduct research, which must be completed by 1 September 2024, or for advanced language training, which must be completed by the end of June 2024. The maximum funding grant for research will be $2,000, and for successful language program applicants the Centre will pay the tuition costs of the IUC program.

Applicants should provide a narrative of their proposed research trip or language training program, explaining its relationship to their program of study at the university. Applications should be accompanied by a detailed breakdown of the requested funding, including costs of food, travel, accommodation, etc. These letters should be no longer than 2 pages and students should arrange for one letter of reference from their supervisor or another faculty member. Only UBC graduate students in the Faculties of Arts and Education may apply for this funding.

Applications and letters of reference should be sent to: <>