Young-Bin Min Chair in Korean Literature and Literary Translation
Ph.D. (Seoul National University)
I feel privileged to be part of the vibrant, welcoming community of scholars that is Asian Studies at UBC. As the inaugural holder of the Young-Bin Min Chair in Korean Literature and Literary Translation I offer instruction in Korean-to-English literary translation and both premodern and modern Korean literature. In my literature courses I focus on close reading and textual analysis with an eye to distinguishing the variety of voices and narrative techniques that constitute a millennia-old literary tradition.
My research interests lie in modern Korean fiction and its translation; narrative technique in the short fiction of Hwang Sun-wŏn; and non-mainstream Korean literature, such as women’s literature, military camptown fiction, and the literature of the Korean diaspora. As a supervisor of graduate students I work closely with Dr. Ross King, providing practical training in literary translation, field mastery, and the reading of Korean texts both modern and premodern. As a mentor I encourage my graduate students not only to translate and write but, whenever possible, to publish and to present at conferences and workshops. I expect my students to grow both personally and professionally at UBC and ultimately to develop competency not only in their chosen workplace but in the community and the larger world as well.