CKR Visiting Fellows 2017

CKR Visiting Professors 2017

Kim, Sunae (김선애) Professor, Department of Acting, Korea National University of Arts,
A Comparative Study of Voice & Speech Approach in Acting Between Korea and Canada

Kim, Ye-Rang (김예랑) Professor, Department of Social Welfare, Hanshin University,
A Study on Development of ‘Family Story Program’ for Children and Families and Its Applications

Koo, Kil Mo (구길모) Professor, Chungnam National University Law School,
Artificial Intelligence and Information Protection

CKR Visiting Scholars 2017

Choi, Susannah (최수산나) Director, Y-Academy, Corporative Partnership National YWCA of Korea,
A Study on the Platform-building of Peace Education for Improving Women Peace Movement 

Hong, Eun Ju (홍은주) Inspector, Audit Department, Ministry of Science ICT & Future Planning,
The Inspection Agencies’ Role and Accountability for the Transparent Government and for Enhancing Public Confidence in the Government: A Study of the Office of Audit and Evaluation’s Experience

Jung, Chang Nam (정창남) Director, Policy Planning Office, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs,
A Study on a new reforestation strategy of North Korea based on the success of South Korea’s Reforestation