CKR Visiting Fellows 2014

CKR Visiting Professors 2014

Choi, Hyungik (최형익), Professor, Department of International Relations, Hanshin University,
Dual Legitimacy: An Explanation for the Two Koreas’ Regime Conflicts and Contest Since the Korean Armistice Agreement

Woo, Kyoungbong (우경봉), Assistant Professor, Department of International Trade, Korea National Open University,
A Research on South Korean Consciousness for Unification


CKR Visiting Scholars 2014

Oh, Sun Min (오선민), Researcher, Qmun (奎文) Institute,
Translating the West, Becoming the Other: The Politics of Representation in the Narration of the North America Korean Diaspora

Son, Myong Hee (손명희), Ph.D Candidate in North Korean Studies, Ewha Womans University,
Qualitative Analysis of the North Korean defectors’ Adaptation to Canadian Society