CKR Visiting Fellows 2013

CKR Visiting Professors 2013

Kim, Tae-Eun (김태은), Lecturer, Kyoto University and Tsukuba University,
Multicultural/Multiethnic Education in Northeast Asia : Comparison between Korea and Japan

Lee, Eugene (이유진), Professor, Department of Political Science, Sookmyung University,
Political Economy of Nuclear Power in Korea: Comparative Institutional Perspective

Lee, Kyung-Soon (이경순), Professor, Department of Education, Silla University,
What makes good teachers good? A cross-case analysis of instructional strategies between Canada and Korea

Lee, Wha-Jung (이화정), Professor, Baekseck Culture University,
A Comparative Study of Images about the Elders : Focusing on the comparison Korean community in Canada and Korean Society

Seo, Sun-Bok (서순복), Professor, College of Law, Chosun University,
Alternative Dispute Resolution in Korea: Lessons from the American Experience


CKR Visiting Scholars 2013

Kim, Chang-Gyu (김창규), Senior Staff Reporter, The Joongang Ilbo,
A Correlation Between Innovations and Performance in the Asian Leading Companies. The Relationship of Korea-China-Japan in the Point of Industry

Mun, EunHyeon (문은현), Acting Director, National Human Rights Commission of Korea,
Migrants Integration Policy Research

Park, Hyung-Sil (박형실), Chief Producer, Arirang TV,
Memories of the Korean War. War Veterans in Canada. How They Reminiscence Korea