CKR Visiting Fellows 2012

CKR Visiting Professors 2012


Jung, Yong-Ki (정용기), Professor, Department of Management, Chonnam National University,
Corporate Ownership Structure and the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Activities

Kal, Hong, Associate Professor, Department of Visual Arts (Art History), York University,
Seoul Spectacle

Kim Hyun Chul (김현철), Professor, Department of Informatics and Statistics, Kunsan National University,
Two Phases of Competition, GM vs. Toyota and Toyota vs. Hyundai-Kia: A business model view on 2009-2011 Toyota vehicle recalls

Kim, Yun Jeong (김윤정), Professor, Department of Elderly Welfare, Hanseo University,
The Comparison of Values on Caregiving in Korea, China, and Japan /

Park, Mi (박미), Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, Dalhousie University,
North Korea’s Place in a China-Centred Asian Market Economy? Political Implications of DPRK’s Economic Liberalization for States and Civil Society in East Asia /

Shim, Jae-Young (심재영), Professor, Department of Management, Korea National Open University,
The Criteria for Identifying the Government Reporting Entity

Shin, Dongju (신동주), Professor, Department of Tourism, Kangwon National University,
Study on Relationships among brand awareness, image, satisfaction and loyalty: Focused on Pyeong Chang in Korea, 2018 host city of Olympic winter games

CKR Visiting Scholars 2012

Jung, Donghun (정동훈), PhD Student, Lecturer, Korean History, Seoul National University,
Institutions in International Relations between Ming China and Koryo

Lee, Woohyeong (이우형), Deputy Director, Government Properties Policy Division, Ministry of Strategy and Finance,
Study of Facilitating Inter-Korea Economic Cooperation and International Cooperation for the Expansion of North Korean Economic Openness