CKR Visiting Fellows 2011

CKR Visiting Professors 2011

Jeong, Hyeon-Suk (정현숙), Professor, Department of Japanese Studies, Korea National Open University,
How Will Grass-roots Movement against the Constitutional Revision in Japan Affect Korea?

Lee, Boo-Mi (이부미), Professor, Department of Early Childhood Education, Kyonggi University,
A Theoretical Study on The Direction of Multi-cultural Education for a Socio-cultural Integration of North Korean Refugee and New Immigrants in Korea

Lee, Jin-Ah (이진아), Professor, Department of Communication, Tokyo Women’s Christian University,
Women Politicians and the Media in Korean and Japan

Park, Ki-Bog (박기복), Professor, Department of Visual Culture,College of Art & Culture, Kangwon National University,
Study on the North Korean Animation System for ‘Mutual Cooperation’ In the North-South Animation Industry



CKR Visiting Scholars 2011

Cho, Jeong-Ah (조정아), Research Fellow, Korea Institute for National Unification,
The Multi-cultural Policy and Socio-cultural Integration of North Korean Migrants in Canada

Lim, Hyoung-Sub (임형섭), Senior Researcher, Gwangju Development Institute,
A Study on Economic Policies and Their Implications for Canadian Local Government