CKR Visiting Fellows 2010

CKR Visiting Professors 2010

Choi, Jong-Seong (최종성), Professor, Department of Religious Studies, Seoul National University,
Dark Shamanism: Anti-therapeutic and Treasonous Shamanism among American Indian and Korean Shamans

Ha, Hwan-Ho (하환호), Professor, Department of Venture & Business, Jinju National University,
Positive illusions, risk perception, and purchase intention: A comparative study between Korean and Canadian consumers

Jeong, Young-Hun (정영훈), Professor, Academy of Korean Studies,
Koreans in America and Canada, Past, Present and Future

Lee, Dong-jin (이동진), Professor, Department of Sociology, College of Social Science, Kyungpook National University,
Multiculturalism and Asian Ethnic Enclaves in Vancouver

Lee, Kyung-Geun (이경근), Professor, Department of Business Administration, Sunchon National University,
The Effects of Leader’s Abusive Supervision and Social Face-threatening Behaviors on Subordinates’ Attitudes and Behaviors

Yoo, Weon-ki (유원기), Professor, Faculty of Philosophy, College of Humanities, Keimyung University,
An Aristotelian Interpretation of the Four-Seven Debate


CKR Visiting Scholars 2010

Chang, Soon-soon (장순순), Presidential Committee for Inspection of Collaborations for Japanese Imperialism,
The Geopolitics of the Korean Embassy (Tongsinsa) Diplomacy in Premodern East Asia

Lee, Sung-Hee (이성희), Journalist, Life & Science division, Hankook Ilbo,
Fashion, body, and Korean identity – How looks can define an era and a nation

Lee, Jea-Kyo (이제교),Deputy Reporter of General News Desk, Munwha-ilbo,
The future of newspapers in Korea examined through the Canadian newspapers

Nam, Ki-hyun (남기현), Ph. D student, Department of History, Sung Kyun Kwan University,
Japan’s Ruling Policy on Chosun Colony through 1910s (1910~1918)