CKR Visiting Fellows 2008

CKR Visiting Professors 2008

Chang, Byung-Inn (장병인), Professor, Department of Korean History, Chungnam National University,
Comparison of Social Status of Women in Traditional Asia

Chung, Hyung Ji (정형지), Assoc. Professor, Department of Tourism and Food Service, Osan College,
Changes in Dine-out Culture in Modern Korea

Kang, Hyun Min (강현민), Assoc. Professor, Department of Physical Education, Korea University,
Comparative Analysis on the Operating System of University Sport

Kim, Young Soon (김영순), Assoc. Professor, Department of Social Studies Education, Inha University,
Multicultural Society and Cultural Urbanism

Kim, Wang-Bae (김왕배), Assoc. Professor, Yonsei University,
Comparative study on Ethnic Identity of Korean Chinese (Chosǒnjok) and Korean Canadians

Ko, Jung Hyoo (고정휴), Professor, Pohang University of Science & Technology,
Institute of Pacific Relations and the Korean Problem, 1925-1945

Kwon, Wook-Dong (권욱동), Assoc. Professor, Department of Sport and Leisure Studies, Daegu University,
New paradigms of Korean physical education and sports with respect to modern physical education standards

Lee, Beom Seok (이범석), Assoc. Professor, Department of Japanese Language and Culture, Catholic University,
Prosodic Features of Bilingual Speakers of Korean and English

Lee, Jung Yeon (이정연), Professor, Division of Human Ecology, Mokpo National University,
Planning of Korean family culture contents based on maritime culture resource

Mah, Insub (마인섭), Professor, Department of Political Science, Sungkyunkwan University,
Recent Ideological Change in the Public and its Influence on North Korea Policy in South Korea

Moon, Young-suck (문영석), Professor, Division of International Studies, Kangnam University,
Religious Aspects of Juche Thought

Park, Hong-gyun (박홍균), Professor, Department of Management, Sunchon National University,
Supply Chain Management and Logistics in Korea

Park, Kwang-Soo (박광수), Professor, Department of Won Buddhism, Wonkwang University,
Comparison of the epistemological approach of Buddhism with the discoveries of cognitive Science

Park, Kyu-tae (박규태), Professor, Department of Japanese Culture, Hanyang University,
Korean Culture in Japan

CKR Visiting Scholars 2008

Ahn, Ho-ki (안호기),Economic Desk/Deputy Manager, Kyunghyang Daily News,
Cultural Interactions in the Northeast Asia

Cho, Namwook (조남욱), PhD Student, Religious Studies, Seoul National University,
Korea’s Encounter with the West in the 19th Century

Ha, Jiyoung (하지영), Assistant Manager, Institute of International Affairs, Seoul National University,
Ways to Invigorate International Academic Exchanges in Korean Studies

Jeong, Hee-Seon (정희선), POSCO Fellow, Volunteer 21,
Volunteer Activities in Canada

Jeong, Jin-Ho (정진호), Senior Researcher, Korea Labor Institute (KLI),
Effect of Wage Seniority on the Employment of Older Workers and Non-regular Workers

Kim, Young-jin (김영진),PhD Student, History, Sungkyunkwan University,
Colonial Nationalism in Korea, 1920s

Lee, Hunmi (이헌미), PhD Student, International Relations, Seoul National University,
Rethinking Enlightenment Reform Movement in Late Choson Dynasty, 1905-1910

Park Bong, Jeong Sook (박봉정숙), POSCO Fellow, Korean Womenlink,
Anti-discrimination Act in Canada